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Industrial Wiring

The key to a successful project is skilled manpower, proper tooling, and knowledge of the systems being worked on. The lack of any of these specifics will lessen the effectiveness of an installation. Whether the issues are immediate or in the future, a cost will be paid in reliability and productivity based on the quality of the job done. We are tradesmen skilled to the task at hand, from high ampacity 750 kcm industrial cable, to 24V industrial control wiring. We are thorough and knowledgeable, and we are here to do our best for our customers. 

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PLC/HMI Troubleshooting and Repair

Technology advancements over the last 10 years have made programmable logic controllers (PLCs) very popular and effective in industry. Machine operation, integration, or plant control often relies on these devices to provide sequential operation and data acquisition. When a machine fails or misbehaves, anxiety rises due to the complexity of these devices, which are beyond the scope of many skilled mill wrights and electricians.

We can provide solutions in these instances due to exposure to multiple manufacturers equipment, trade knowledge, and strong troubleshooting skills. Rockwell Allen Bradley, Automation Direct, Modicon, GE Fanuc. Call us. We can help.

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Variable Frequency Drives

VFDs, VSDs, AFDs, AC Drives. EATON-Cutler Hammer,  Rockwell-Allen Bradley,  Fugi, Yaskawa, WEG, ABB, and more. Drives are popular, cost effective ways of managing production rates, machine speed, flow rates and a myriad of processes as well as controlling electrical usage costs. Proper application and maintenance of these devices can provide reliable service and production returns for any facility. We have a large scope of experience, and an advanced skill set in VFD selection, wiring, programming, troubleshooting, and service. We can be your drives solution.

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Electrical Control Troubleshooting

In a manufacturing or production setting, small issues with machinery function can cause all kinds of production problems. Solid, effective troubleshooting techniques combined with strong electrical knowledge can make for a successful solution, whether the problem is relatively simple or very complex. In any situation, the problem is still the same and must be corrected as soon and reliably as possible. We have the tools, the skills, and the discipline to provide you with solutions that you need.

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Machine Retrofit and Safe Guarding

Over the course of time, safety rules and regulations have changed dramatically. Many plants have machinery and equipment that produces well for them, but is of a vintage that did not require the safe guards and protection that the rules now require. Rather than give up these machines, we can provide alternative safety solutions and equipment to enable the machines to qualify as safe. Through automatic shutdown, safety circuits, barrier protection or other modifications to improve operator safety, we can bring your equipment up to standard.

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UL 508A Control Panel Shop 

 In our Panel shop we build, design, and test electrical control panels for the water and waste water market as well as for our industrial clients. Our panels are UL 508A listed and marked.

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Industrial Control Solutions

Barrett Electric and The Control Panel Shop

2014 08 27 our Panel shop we build, design, and test electrical control panels for the water and waste water market as well as for our industrial clients. Our panels are UL 508A listed and marked.


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